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The "happy family" revolves around:


Raising children





Hobbies- cooking, sewing, crafts, decorating

Making money


Being friends with your grown up children

Being the best grandparents you can be

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My Darling Grandaughter

My Darling Grandaughter

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcoming Fall

Isn't fall the most wonderful time of the year?!! I think it is my favorite! I made this for a friend of mine and I think I would like one for myself. It would look so pretty on my front door.


T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

Yes! I also think fall is the best time of the year, along with Spring, Summer and Winter. I like them all! It's just good to be alive :-)

God bless and have a great day :-)


Michael Ann said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting and following my recipe blog. I came to visit and am enjoying your information and photos.

Michael Ann
The Big Green Bowl

Irene said...

That is such a beautifully made wreath! It looks perfect when hung on every front door. So sweet of you to make it for a friend! :-)

Malia said...

great job...that's very nice!

found you through the wednesday blog hop! i'm now following...

Frazzled Mama said...

Hi!! I'm stopping by and following from Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. I hope you'll check out my blog Frazzled Mama at and follow me back.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I found you on Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. Hop over and
say hi if you get a chance Jennifer from Just Wedeminute--

Designing Domesticity said...

Love it. Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday! liz

Isabelle Thornton said...

It is pretty! Yes i love Fall and it's colors.
Very cute blog!
Come follow me back please!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

After the truly painful summer we've had here in Texas this year, Fall is going to be doubly blessed. I'm already feeling the crispness in the air and I just about tear up every morning when I walk out the door. I guess that should remind me that if we hold on long enough, there will be some kind of relief eventually - no matter what the situation!

Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

TJ @ said...

Hi! Following back from Measuring Flower. :-D I hope you have a great day. :-D

mmbear said...

I love wreaths, especially the fall and Christmas ones! Hi! I am from the blog hop and now a new follower thru GFC and Facebook. I would love a follow back on both when you get a free moment. Thanks so much for your help and have a blessed week!


Frugal in WV said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year, love the wreath! Thanks for the follow, following you back :)

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Cynthia

What a beautiful wreath! I just stopped by to welcome you to Create With Joy - I'm hosting a special blog hop today if you'd like to stop by and link up!


1 Precious Daughter, 2 precious Grandaughters

1 Precious Daughter, 2 precious Grandaughters
I am blessed!