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My Darling Grandaughter

My Darling Grandaughter

Friday, April 23, 2010

Parent or Friend

Do you want to be a parent or a friend to your young children? Why, you say, can't I be both? Let's talk about this for a few minutes.
In the society, there is a lot of emphasis put on being friends with your children and little on being "THE PARENT". THE PARENT is the authoritarian, the boss, the disciplinarian, the "big cheese". Would you want a friend to be like that?
John Rosemond, in his book,"Making the "Terrible" Twos Terrific", says that a good parent is a "mean parent".
His definition of "mean" is a parent who is assertive, consistant, calm and insistant. They don't scream, yell, bully and are not abusive. They say what they mean and mean what they say.
Effective parenting is setting boundaries that children know they are not to cross. Effective parents will not allow misbehavior nor do they allow 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances. They never reason with a child and there is no counting to ten or any other form of conjoling. The parent will expect obedience the first time they tell their child what they want them to do.

Parents who are effective do not change from day to day. What they did yesterday or last week will be the same today and next week. Because of this, childen learn to trust their parents and find great security in them. Most children will not like what their parents tell them, but they will respect them for what they say.

One of the greatest problems in our public school systems is the breakdown of control and discipline. Teachers and principals are afraid of children and their parents, and for good reason. When I was in school, I knew that I had better not misbehave in class. If I did, and my parents found out, (and they would), I would not only get punished in school, but I would also get punished when I got home! That was great motivation to behave myself! Today, unfortunately, parents have the misconception that they have to stick up for their children, run interference and offer excuses. An effective parent will make their children shoulder the responsibility for their actions and the consequences that follow. If a child misbehaves, the parent allows them to take the punishment they deserve and therefore learn from their mistakes. The parent will also reinforce what the consequences will be if the misbehavior is repeated.
Can you be a "friend" through this process? No, you are the authority figure in your child's life right now. Friendship comes later. Teaching your children to trust, respect and obey you as an authority figure in their lives will create a foundation for a lasting friendship in their adult years.


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VKT said...

What a fantastic post this is! I wish every parent could read it.

Crazy Daisy said...

I agree with most of this except the parents will not change from week to week! I make mistakes and I do change when I know I have been wrong and/or I feel like something isn't effective. I feel like I have to model humility and fess up when I make mistakes - not just insist on being the same week after week because I said so...thoughts?

Happy Gramma said...

You are right about that aspect. What I meant was that children should be able to count on a parent being consistant week in and week out. Their methods of discipline might change but there will be discipline! Thanks for your thoughts!

MamaTink said...

Following back! Can't wait for mire installments..

rose said...

being a friend vs being a parent seems to be a much common direction that we adults take. my mother was from europe, she taught me to be responsible,caring and to recognize the true role of a parent who doesn't act as a friend but as a loving teacher with expectations,rewards, and at times punishment.

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Anita said...

Great advice! I'm familiar with John Rosemond, too. My husband and I actually went to hear him speak about five years ago.
Your observations seem right on target. So many parents want to be their child's friend instead of parenting the child who is still immature and in need of someone to teach him or her.

I have lots of fun with my kids, but "friends" are people on my level, with the maturity and wisdom of an adult.

Happy Gramma said...

You got my point exactly! You can have fun, but friendship comes when you are on an equal level!

HSUper Parents said...

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Amy said...

First off, thanks for the follow! I am so excited to glean wisdom from you and your blog. Parenting is not an easy thing. While I agree with this post, I have to say, it is so hard to be constant all the time. I want to be a softy when it comes to my children. I know I should not, but I want to let them have their way. I want to give them everything. Because I want them to always be happy. I try very hard to be constant and the "mean" parent, but again, when my two year old looks at me with his tear stained face and the puppy dog eyes, I have a hard time saying "eat your veggies and then you can have a cookie." Parenting sure is tough!

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becca said...

amen, gramma! i work with teenagers and see waaay too many parents who are trying to be a cool friend instead of an actual parent. i just want to shake them. hopefully i can remember all of this when i have kids.

Denise said...

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1 Precious Daughter, 2 precious Grandaughters
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