Seventeen blessings that make growing older worth the effort!!...and 2 more blessings since this picture was taken!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your family were the envy of all your neighborhood? Not because your family had the biggest house, the fanciest car or the very best interior decorator.

The reason isn't that you are the parents of the most beautiful children, you have a "to die for spouse" and you command a 6 figure income.

The fact of the matter is, you don't own a fancy house, your car is a CarMax reject, and your interior decorator is the local Goodwill Store.

Is all of that important? No! What is important is that your family is "The Happiest Family on the Block"!

I will be sharing our secrets that worked with our 6 children, 6 sons and daughters-in-laws and 19 grandchildren! I will share secrets and ideas that we did do and wished we hadn't, things we didn't do, but wished we had, AND things we did do and are glad we got something right!! Hindsight is 20/20 you know!

The "happy family" revolves around:


Raising children





Hobbies- cooking, sewing, crafts, decorating

Making money


Being friends with your grown up children

Being the best grandparents you can be

Etc, etc, etc

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, relax and let's visit!

My Darling Grandaughter

My Darling Grandaughter

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chapter Eight - Enjoy!!

Every Day is a New Day
You are a happy family of three now!  It is the time to enjoy that precious bundle you have. You don't have to worry about spoiling the baby at this age. Babies cannot be spoiled for the first month or so. You don't have to discipline or wonder what mischief  he/she is getting into. That will come before you know it. You can hold and cuddle to your heart's content.
Involve your husband. Lots of husband's want to help but are not sure about what to do. Give him a chance to bond with the baby by holding, comforting, changing diapers, and bathing.
Treasure every change! Write down each new event in the growth and development of your baby. You will be so glad you did! At this new age there will be change each and every day. I remember, when my babies were little, looking forward and enjoying each new milestone in our babies' lives. It passes so soon!

                                                    My Little Cowboys
Before you know it, baby will be reaching out and touching things, probably things you don't want them to touch.  You will come it one morning and find him/her on their stomach when you left them on their back! They will soon be holding their head up which will lead to sitting up. Then it will be crawling, pulling up to chairs and other furniture, followed by walking.  So soon they will be "little cowboys" and more. Where did time go? Life is constantly changing to adapt to baby's changing world.

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1 Precious Daughter, 2 precious Grandaughters

1 Precious Daughter, 2 precious Grandaughters
I am blessed!